Our Staff

Headteacher – Mrs R Billington

Deputy Headteacher – Miss M Ivison

Senior Leadership Team – Miss P Harrison, Mrs C Parry, Mrs E Rogers

Dosbarthiadau Foundation Phase:

Early Years Teachers – Miss I Ivison, Mrs A Cartwright, & Miss R Squire

Early Years TAs – Mrs D Meredith, Mr J Davies, Ms E Owen, Mrs O Pritchard, , Miss K Worthington, Mrs H Price, Miss E Davies

Blwyddyn 1 & 2 Teachers – Mrs C Sear, Mrs L Bowles & Miss G Cushing

Blwyddyn 1 & 2 TAs – Mrs H Young, Mrs Y Williams

Foundation Phase Resourced Provision – Mrs C Parry (Teacher) Mrs M Cawthorne, Mrs L Stevens, Ms C Williams (maternity), Mrs C Williams, Mrs M Mullen

Dosbarthiadau Key Stage 2:

Blwyddyn 3 & 4 Teachers – Mrs J Poole, Mrs C Bayley-Jones, Miss A Neal,

Blwyddyn 3 & 4 TAs – Mrs W Jones, Mrs S Griffiths

Blwyddyn 5 & 6 Teachers – Miss G Conway, Mrs E Rogers & Mrs D Wilmore

Blwyddyn 5 & 6 TAs – Miss C Jones, & Mrs J Martin

KS2 Resourced Provision – Miss P Harrsion (Teacher) Mrs S Roberts, Mrs C Neal & Mrs T Edwards

ALNCo – Mrs C Parry

Time to Shine – Mrs J Martin

Forest School – Mrs E Bentley

Administration – Mrs T Davies

Reception – Mrs C Carver

Treasure Chest Manager – Ms E Owen

Caretaker – Mr P Williams

Cleaners – Miss L Lowe, Mrs T Ivanova, Miss T Hooson, Mr T Taylor, Miss O Jones and Mrs K Williamson

Catering/MDSA – Mrs H Sturrock (Cook in Charge) Mrs Williamson (MDSA), Miss O Jones (MDSA) Mr T Taylor (MDSA)