How to Help at Home!

Read, Write, Inc.

Read, Write, Inc. is the programme used across our school to teach the children how to be confident readers and writers!

The programme starts in our Nursery classes with children introduced to the sounds around them. This then develops into recognising letters and blending sounds together to form words – or Fred Talking as we call it!

Children using the programme will bring home a book to share on a Friday. They should be able to confidently read this book to you – we call this the celebratory read. It’s a chance for your child to show off their reading skills without any pressure. At the back of the book there are questions for you to ask to ensure understanding. Your child may then like to write simple words or sentences from the story, which is great! Don’t worry about him/her spelling all the words correctly, as long as they’re using their Fred Talk we’ll be happy!

To further support your child, please watch the videos below:

What is Read, Write, Inc. Phonics?

Understanding Phonics:

How to say the sounds:

Listening to your child read:

Why read to your child?

10 Things to Think About:

Reading the stretchy sounds:

Reading the bouncy sounds:

Sound blending:

Reading the digraphs: