News: Class Organisation September

Prynhawn Da,
Just to make parents aware that from September 2023 we will be trialling a new way of structuring our classes, for a variety of reasons, but most importantly as we believe this will best for the children.  
We will have: 
Morning Nursery with Mrs Adams Afternoon Nursery with Mrs Lucas Reception with Mrs Cartwright Reception and Year 1 with Miss Squire Year 1 with Miss Cushing Years 1 and 2 with Mrs Bowles Year 2 with Mrs Sear Foundation Phase Resourced Provision with Mrs Parry
Year 3 with Mrs Poole Years 3 and 4 with Mrs Bayley-Jones Year 4 with Mrs Thompson Year 5 with Mrs Wilmore Years 5 and 6 with Mrs Rogers Year 6 with Miss Ivison Key Stage 2 Resourced Provision with Miss Harrison
This is a change, however, I want to reassure parents of the following: 

  • No children are being “held back” – the Curriculum for Wales is about the progress children make and not about them attaining a specific ‘level’ at a specific age. 
  • All children will be given the same opportunities as their peers, regardless of the class they are in.
  • Year groups will meet together at break and lunch times so children can play with others in their year group. 
  • Classes are determined using a variety of criteria and we consider the placements carefully. 
  • The children have been consulted about their friendship groups and we do aim to ensure that they have at least one (if not more) friend in their new class. 
  • Some of our wonderful teaching assistants will also be moving around school so that the children have a familiar face in September.
  • Where needed, we will put additional transition in place for children, such as extra visits to classes or further time to chat with their new teachers. 

The children will find out which class and teacher they will be with on Thursday 29th June (Common Transfer Day). Parents will also be informed as the children will bring home a class information sheet. On this day we would like all current Nursery children to spend the whole day with us. They should all arrive at the Nursery door for 9am and be collected at the same door at 3pm. Nursery children will need a packed lunch on Transition Day. 
Some children may not like the change, however, we will do our best to support them. You, as parents, can help too, by talking positively about their new class and teacher. September is always an opportunity to rise to new challenges and make new friends. 
I understand that sometimes parents get anxious at this time of year too. Let me reassure you, that here at Park C.P. we have team of excellent, experienced and highly qualified teachers who put the well-being of the children as a priority. Your child will be fine, we’ll support them as best we can, but sometimes they will need a period of time to settle in to the change. 
I hope this keeps you all in the loop and eases your worries.
Kind Regards,
Mrs Billington Pennaeth