News: Collection From School

Dear All,
As the air ambulance is still on the school field, there may be a delay in letting the children out at 3pm/3.15pm. For the helicopter to take off, we need to keep the yard clear and so we will only be opening the school gates on the Doctors Side of school once it has departed at around 3pm. This is to keep everyone safe and I thank you all for your understanding and patience. The children will be kept safely in their classes until parents are allowed to collect them. No parents will be allowed to wait on the front yard until the air ambulance has taken off. 
Parents collecting Foundation Phase children will be allowed to collect if they use the entrance by the staff car park and exit this way. 
In the meantime, if you need to collect your child urgently, please telephone school as the main gate has been locked. 
I apologise for the disruption and thank you all for your support in this matter. 
Mrs Billington