News: Common Transfer Day

Year 6 Just a reminder to Year 6 Parents that Thursday 27th June is Common Transfer Day and the children will be expected to visit their new high schools for the day. Transport to the secondary schools must be arranged by parents.  Nursery  We would like all Nursery children to spend the full day with us on Thursday so that they can experience being in the Reception classes. 

  • Afternoon Nursery children who are usually dropped off with Treasure Chest should continue to do this – we’ll collect them from the Treasures room and take them to Reception when we’re ready.
  • Afternoon Nursery who don’t normally attend Treasure Chest can be dropped of at the Nursery door at 8.50am.
  • All Nursery children should be collected from their usual collection points at 3pm. 

Other Year Groups Children from Reception to Year 5 will also be visiting their new classes and meeting their teachers. As always, we will try to ensure that the children have at least one friend with them. Information will be sent home on Thursday afternoon with the children about their new class. I realise that this can be an anxious time for parents but please be reassured that we give careful consideration to the class organisation and have the children’s best interests at heart.  Children should be dropped off and collected from their usual classes.  It is good for the children to experience this change in a positive manner and helps to prepare them as they get older for the real life challenges they may face. It encourages them to be resilient and deal with their emotions effectively. We will of course support them with this and help to develop the skills they’ll need throughout life.  Further information about how to support your child with transition to a new class or even a new school can be found below: Have a lovely weekend everyone – enjoy this sunshine and let’s hope that it lasts! Mrs Billington Pennaeth