News: Dyfrdwy Parents Information

This year the children will be bringing home their books from class but as Dyfrdwy are isolating, parents have a few options: 
  • We can send books home with siblings.
  • Parents can collect them on Friday 16th July, between 9am and 3pm from the school office.
  • We can keep them safe until September and give them to the children on the first day back.
We’ve included a small bag of sweets with their packs; sweets for the children who’ve had/have a birthday this term and if collected tomorrow there will be cake and pop too. 
I realise that the children have missed out on activities this week which is very unfortunate but cannot be helped in the circumstances in which we find ourselves. I will do my best to arrange a special treat for all the children from the class in September. 
Many thanks,
Mrs Billington