News: Glan Llyn

Just a few reminders for our Year 5 children who will be heading to Glan Llyn tomorrow (Wednesday 7th Feb)! 

  • The bus will be leaving school at 9.45am promptly
  • Could parents please avoid parking on the road between school and the rockery as the bus will need access
  • Children should arrive in school at the usual time and take their luggage to the Studio Hall
  • Children should go to class to register 
  • All items of clothing should be labelled – yes even pants and socks!!!
  • Snacks (for those midnight feasts that we all pretend don’t happen!!) are welcomed but please avoid anything containing nuts 
  • Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing packed into a small case – they will be carrying everything from the bus to the dorms! 

Staff will try to post updates during the trip but please be aware that Wifi  is not always reliable in the centre. We will contact parents if there are any issues, so please rest assured that no news is good news!  I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time making new friends, having fabulous adventures and making memories that will last a lifetime. We would appreciate it if everyone would keep their fingers crossed for the weather to be kind!  Diolch,  Mrs Billington Headteacher