News: National Tests

Dear Parents/Carers,
This term children from Year 2 to Year 6 have completed the Welsh Government National Tests in Reading, Numeracy Procedural and Numeracy Reasoning. These tests are designed “to help children progress through understanding what they can do, what they cannot do and their next steps.” 

The tests are all completed online and without adult support. 
Feedback from the tests is now available for parents – please see the attached information. To view the feedback please ask your child to log into his/her Hwb Account and select Personalised Assessments. If your child has difficulty doing accessing his/her account, please email his/her class teacher. 
Please note that these tests are a snapshot of what the children can do and unfortunately, they do not take into account the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on children’s learning. Class teachers know the children very well and provide opportunities to help them develop on a daily basis. Any concerns class teachers have will be raised parents early on and additional support provided in school.  That being said, if you are concerned please email your child’s class teacher to arrange a telephone call.
Kind Regards,
Mrs Billington