News: Rainbows & Talent Shows!

WOW! The children looked fantastic today wearing their brightly coloured outfits as we formed our human rainbow to raise awareness of autism! 
Diolch pawb for your efforts!
Unfortunately, because of the weather we couldn’t send the drone up, however we did manage to take some brilliant photos! 
The children then enjoyed an afternoon watching lots of their friends performing on stage in our Talent Show. The acts were amazing – we have some fantastic choreographers, dancers, singers and actors here at Park C.P. – da iawn to everyone who was brave enough to get on stage! 
There was also a showcasing of artwork, as Mrs Wilmore and the World Wide Explorers announced the winners of the Llay Main Colliery charcoal drawings from each class. 
We ended the afternoon, saying ‘Bye for now!’ to Mr Whalley, who will be starting his new and exciting post with the LA next month. 
Thank you all so much for your continued support this term.
Have a lovely Easter break – see you all on Tuesday 18th April!
Mrs Billington Headteacher