News: Reading Books

Children will be bringing home a reading book today to share with you at home over the weekend. 
Children on our Read, Write, Inc. scheme should be able to read their books fluently and with expression, as this is meant to be their celebratory read to you at home. They should recognise the Green and Red Words at the front of the books and if they do get stuck, please encourage them to “Fred Talk” (sound out) or “Put Fred in your head” – they should know what this means!! They may tell you that “You can’t Fred a Red!” and this is right – red words we just have to learn by sight. 
The idea behind this approach is that children develop a love of reading as they can share their books with you at home in an enjoyable manner and it takes pressure away from parents. Feel free to read the book as many times as you would like and make a comment in your child’s Reading Record.
For those children in Years 5/6 or those who simply enjoy reading other books, we would encourage them to read as much as possible and for at least ten minutes a day. 
All books should be returned on Monday – this is essential as the books will be needed for other groups of children. 
Enjoy your weekend and please stay safe if you are attending bonfire/firework displays.
Best wishes,
Mrs Billington