News: Snow Day Activities

Bore Da,
I hope you’re all safe and well this morning. I can’t quite believe how much snow fell last night! 
Today’s activities are suitable for all ages:  
Build a snow animal – be creative! Go sledging (take a grown up) Look for animal tracks in the snow.
Design a brand new, state of the art sledge. Your dream sledge! Be as creative as possible! Draw it, label it, add descriptions and talk to someone all about it. How fast will it go? How big (or small) will it be? What special features will it have? How much would you sell it for? 
You could use recycled materials to make a model of your sledge. 
Mine would definitely have a hot chocolate machine included along with a very comfy, heated seat! 
Make a short video to advertise your sledge – don’t forget to use that persuasive language. 
I look forward to seeing/hearing all about your ideas. 
Have fun everyone,
Mrs Billington (Headteacher)