News: Update

As many of you will have seen on the news this morning, the Minister has extended online learning until at least the 29th of January, in an effort to reduce the spread of CoVid-19. Numbers locally are at an alarmingly high rate and we must therefore, work together as a whole community to keep everyone safe.
The message from Welsh Government and Local Authority is very clear: children of critical workers and those who are considered vulnerable should only attend school if no other safe, alternative arrangements can be made. Every child who can be safely cared for at home, should remain at home. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank parents for working closely with us to ensure the numbers of children we have in school each day remains as low as possible. This helps us to reduce the number of staff we have in the building and minimises the risk of spreading the virus further. Your understanding and support during these extremely difficult times is very much appreciated. Please contact school by 12pm on Wednesday 13th January to book places for children in school for the week beginning Monday 18th January. This gives us time to arrange staffing and ensures class sizes are kept to a minimum. 
Teachers and Teaching Assistants will continue to work from home and at school, and will be available to support your children with their online learning. We are constantly planning and developing new resources/ideas to engage the children, whilst acknowledging that not every child has access to a computer at home. Your feedback regarding the activities this week has been very positive and I thank you all for your comments. If anyone is struggling to access the activities please email your child’s class teacher or contact school. 
We will be sharing examples of the children’s work on our website throughout the week to celebrate and encourage – much like we would if the children were working in class. I apologise that yesterday the App/Emails went a little crazy with updates!!  This was due to a misunderstanding and shouldn’t happen again. Different classes will share excellent work on different days and show a selection of the work completed. Teachers and TAs have commented that the work they have received this week has been amazing – well done everyone!

To those parents who are juggling working from home and online learning: You are doing a great job in a very challenging situation! Feel proud, give yourselves a pat on the back and most importantly give yourselves a break! Please do not stress about completing all the activities on the day they are set – do what you can, when you can. We understand how difficult this situation is and will work with you to find a happy medium. 
Next week I will be sharing news of a fabulous new literacy scheme which we will be introducing into our Foundation Phase department called Read, Write, Inc. Watch this space!!
Please take care and stay safe.
Best wishes,
Mrs Billington