School Council

Our School Council members for 2023 to 2024 have been elected as the Chair Persons from our Pupil Influence Groups.

The minutes of our School Council Meetings can be found here:

Following our meetings, we present to the whole school during assembly, sharing ideas and asking our friends to talk to us to share ideas on how we can help to make our school even better! We’re easy to recognise with our green badges!

If you would like more information about School Council or would like to be involved further, please contact school via [email protected]

Our Mission this Year

We’ve decided that School Meals should be improved in all schools across Wrexham. We understand that the catering team at the Local Authority are responsible for school meals and that there decisions are based on the budget they have. However, we feel improvements should be made! So we’re writing to local council members and our MP to share our concerns – watch this space for their response!

Update: We received responses from both Cllr Phil Wynne and Sarah Atherton MP! Both reassured us that they would look further into the matters we raised and strive to make improvements within the catering department. This is really positive news and shows us that we really can make a difference. Copies of the letters are in our School Council file in the Reception area.