Volcano emergency! Ruby Class

For our superhero topic Ruby class are enjoying solving superhero missions. This week our mission was to save homes from the errupting volcano. We built our own homes using Lego. Then we created a volcano using a plastic bottle, bin bag, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. We thought about what would stop the lava in it’s tracks. We decided  that sand would be helpful as it could soak up the lava. Fantastic work Ruby class, mission complete!6eee2bd9-02e7-4021-b0d3-37956cb4df52_135625_146092.jpeg0d606c59-c140-4d5e-b9d1-0c7580b8cd86_704606_713348.jpeg07aa69f6-8bef-4738-8779-e9ed151b5b9b_143636_150235.jpeg86e459c5-cc95-40c7-b78f-24c63ea68698_199978_204090.jpeg324d9f81-ef3a-4128-a27d-471941f1876e_502928_506860.jpeg6a19e281-077a-4a99-af27-e28fe5520011_228289_235862.jpeg