Year 1 and 2 trip to the Rockery

Yesterday, Ruby Class made a special trip to the Rockery in Llay. Ruby Class had made a special Christmas tree decoration to wish everyone in Llay a very Merry Christmas. After placing the decoration on the Christmas tree, Ruby class enjoyed dancing around the tree and singing carols.4189daa1-9996-4d09-bdef-9c80c9182a33_972429_981267.jpeg063a49f8-bf82-45bb-942e-4c335876d083_008516_014156.jpeg5a63e588-0cc1-45c1-914d-c8829c7cdd6a_499845_507625.jpegd4b1c8b9-bf26-4399-a8c5-b6da49d710bc_743011_749715.jpegbb067c95-f803-4db7-8383-f08274b374fb_650220_657386.jpeg