Years 3 & 4: Dosbarth Celyn

Blywddyn Newydd Dda!

I hope your Christmas and new years were amazing!

This term in Celyn class our theme is Cynefin and we’re asking and exploring the question: “Who do we belong to?” We will also be discussing our identity and how being and living in Wales is a huge part of who we are, and that we should celebrate it!

We’ll be learning about the different areas of Wales and the UK and the opportunities and different ways of life available here; talking about family dynamics and groups/clubs that we attend. We’ll be exploring North and South Wales, examining cultures and religions along the way, and making comparisons of our findings with other places within the UK. We will also celebrate the diversity we have in our own classroom and how we lead different lives outside of our school life.

In Maths we’ll be learning how to add and subtract 3- and 4-digit numbers using bar models and heading into multiplication and division soon after. Our aim in Language this term is to write play-scripts and learn how to write a set of instructions.

The Welsh phrases we’ll be using this term are:

Bore da – good morning

Prynhawn da – good afternoon

Sut wyt ti? – how are you?

Ga i… – may I have a….

    • Naddwr – sharpener
    • Pensil – pencil
    • Pren mesur – ruler
    • Rwber – rubber
    • Dŵr – water
    • Diod – drink

Amser – time

    • Amser chwarae – play time
    • Amser cinio – dinner/lunch time
    • Amser mynd adre – home time
    • Amser tacluso – tidy up time

Fy nheulu – my family

Tad – dad

Mam – mum

Babi – baby

Chwaer – sister

Brawd – brother

Nain – grandma

Taid – grandad

Fy rhieni – my parents

To support your child at home, you can:

Listen to your child read over the weekend when RWI books are brought home.

Practise the 3-, 4- and 5-times tables.

Discuss the idea of ‘belonging’, for example, who belongs in your family? Do they belong to any clubs or groups?

Encourage your child to use the Welsh words and phrases he/she knows.

Diolch am eich cefnogaeth! (Thank you for your support

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Miss Neal