Years 5 & 6: Busy Week in Alun Class

It has been lovely to welcome back Alun class this week and we have been extremely busy. In addition to our Maths and English we have had extra activities, which have brought lots of smiles!
Earlier in the week, the class took part in ‘Lego Build the Change’ workshop, where they worked in groups to voice their ideas and opinions to inspire world leaders. As a class, we settled, (finally) on the following three pieces of advice:
  1.  Raise taxes on single use packaging.
  2. Make plant-based food more affordable.
  3. Increase the amount of recycling points on the streets, as opposed to general waste bins. 
On Wednesday, we were kindly given the opportunity to watch the ‘Make Some Noise’ show, from the Wrexham Music Service. Children were told about the different instruments and the families they belong to. Some even joined in the singing and dancing to popular songs.
Finally, as part of our topic on Toys we looked at flying machines and air resistance. Children learnt about the different types of forces acting on flying objects and made spinners, gliders, and their own design of planes. They had so much fun and learnt a lot too.