Years 5 & 6: Alun

Alun class had a busy, fun day on Friday. Sarah Atherton MP came to visit in the morning and the class had the opportunity to ask her lots of questions. Ms. Atherton commented that, “Some of the questions asked were more sensible than the ones she hears in parliament!” She will be releasing a press release for the day, so keep an eye out for that, (as will I).
Also, we had the Play Development Team, who brought loose parts for the children to use, and they had a wonderful time. After that came the slip and slide before everyone got very, very, very, wet! The drizzly weather didn’t dampen the spirits and we all had a wonderful day.
Please can you return the completed slips sent out today, as the children have expressed an interest in entering the ‘Voices for a Green Future’ competition and I am hoping to get those submitted this week.