Additional Learning Needs

In September 2021, the Welsh Assembly brought in a new, simpler system to help all school’s meet the needs of all their children.

In Park CP School, we have been gradually changing the way we work to ensure that every child succeeds to the best of their ability.

We have:

Planned work that is suited to the needs of the children in each class,

Implemented new strategies to help all children to learn for example Read, Write Inc and Inspire Maths,

Ensured that there are sufficient Teaching Assistants allocated to each class to work with individual pupils or groups of children to help them succeed.

Employed a Teaching Assistant dedicated to Well-Being who can spend time with pupils who need someone to talk to.

Ensured a support matrix is in place for early intervention and support.

Developed positive working relationships with outside agencies such as the LA Inclusion Officer, Educational Psychologist and Behaviour Support Team.

If any child needs additional support (as well as the support offered in class), then Mrs Parry our Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinator (ALNCo) will contact parents at the earliest opportunity to arrange a meeting.

These children will received additional interventions to help them achieve their potential in the form of a Small Steps Plan. Our SSPs are written with involvement from class teacher, ALNCo, parents and pupils. It is essential that parents shares their views on the targets so that everyone involved can successfully support the child on his/her learning journey.

There may come a time, when school feels that further support is needed in additional to the Small Steps Plan. In these cases, parents will be fully involved in the process of determining an additional learning need and producing an Individual Development plan (IDP).

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