Park Pals

Park Pals are our Health & Well-Being group, assisted by Mrs Poole and Mrs Sear. Their mission is to ensure we all happy and healthy in body and mind!

Park Pals have the responsibility of choosing a local charity for us to support each year. They then liaise with other groups, such as the Money Makers to help raise funds for the charity.

This year (2023 to 2024) they chose to support Teams 4 U – a locally based charity who work to support people worldwide. Their vision is “to increase social capacity, ignite social change, so that children and communities can become respected and empowered.”

Park Pals arranged for children at school to create Shoe Boxes to support the Teams 4 U appeal and members then visited the local depo to find out what happens to all the shoe boxes that are donated.

More information about this wonderful charity can be found at

In addition to supporting charities, Park Pals also ensure that we take part in and have regular reminders of the “5 Ways to Well-being”