Our Governing Body

Chair of Governors: Mr Ian Edwards

Vice Chair of Governors: Mr Dan Robertson

Headteacher Governor: Mrs Rebecca Billington

Parent Governors: (Elected by parental vote and serve a 4 year term)
Mrs Amanda Griffiths Mrs Ceri Williams
Mrs Sarah Jones Mr Mike Smith
Mr Matthew Ellis

Teacher Governors: (Elected by teachers and serve a 4 year term)

Mrs Emma Rogers & Mrs Lisa Bowles

Staff Governors: (Elected by non-teaching staff)
Mrs Sarah Griffiths

Wrexham LA Governors: (Appointed by Wrexham Local Authority)
Mr Rob Walsh
Mrs Liz Davies
Mr Daniel Robertson
Mrs Briony Alderson

Community Governors: (Invited to join the Governing Body by other members due to their specialist skills which add value to the Governing Body as a whole)
Mrs Lynda Love
Mrs Amanda Jones

We have two vacancies for Community Governors – please contact school for further information or alternatively contact Cllr Rob Walsh.

Clerk to the Governing Body: Wrexham Clerking Services