Y Criw Cymreig

Dyma Y Criw Cymraeg!

We’re responsible for promoting Welsh and Welsh culture throughout our school and we’re passionate about it!

We worked really hard last year to earn the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award and this year we’re determined to maintain our efforts!

We run a weekly class competition “Y Ddraig Coch.” Classes have to speak lots of Welsh throughout the week – outside of Welsh lessons, and when they do they colour in a segment of a dragon. The class with the most segments coloured in that week gets to care for one of our Ddraig Coch’s! We call them Dewi, Dilys a Dafydd (but don’t ask us which is which!!)

We also encourage everyone – staff and children, to speak Welsh in the corridors and on the playground, everywhere, as much as possible as it’s really important to keep our language alive.

We run BIG events on St David’s Day – like Super Learning Days when we mix up classes and do Welsh activities together. We also parade around the village spreading the word of Wales and singing – yn Gymraeg, to local people.

Siarad yn Gymraeg pawb!


Y Criw Cymreig!