Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors group has been established to help pupils recognise the importance of caring for our environment. They are passionate about encouraging everyone to recycle as much as possible and they will be looking for ways to promote this not only in school but within the local community.

The Eco Warriors’ Action Plan is to:

Monitor the amount of recycling done in classes,

Monitor the amount of recycling in the canteen,

Work closely with our caretaker, Mr Williams to ensure that we are recycling waste in our main school bins

Use this information to see if we can improve the amount of recycling we do in school

Recycling Launch

In May 2024 we launched our recycling campaign in a whole school assembly, where we shared important messages with everyone. We want to make our school and world a better place by recycling all that we can. Wales is the best country in the UK at recycling and third in the world! We want to help maintain this!


We’ve asked children from across the school to design a poster to remind people which bins to use for what! The winners will have their posters printed professionally and displayed around school and the village! Get creative everyone – closing date is the 6th June 2024!