Early Years: Amber am

Five Little Ducks, Five Cheeky Monkeys and Hickory Dickory Dock are some of the songs we’ve been singing as we’ve been learning about number 5. We’ve also been on a Numicon 5 hunt, we’ve practised writing number 5, we’ve ordered Numicon plates from 1-5 and we’ve been practising our throwing skills as we tried to get beanbags in each of the numbered hoops. However, I think their favourite game is What’s The Time Mr Wolf? You can help your child at home by singing the songs, playing games and by  looking for numbers around the house, e.g. your house number, numbers on clock and watch faces, and on packaging. You could also spot different numbers while you’re out and about, maybe on road signs.  I’d love to hear how they get on! Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Adams