Early Years: Amber Mornings

This week we are teaching the children to put their coats and wellies on independently. If your child has wellies, could you please send him/her into school wearing wellies as these are easier than shoes to put on and take off. As it can get quite messy outside in the sand, mud and water, the children will be wearing wellies while they are in the outdoor classroom and will be in their socks while they are in the indoor classroom.

If your child can’t put on their shoes and coat independently, it would help us enormously if you could practise this at home to support what we have been doing at school please. For those children who couldn’t already put on their own coats, we have been teaching the children the ‘dip and flip’ method of putting on their coat. There’s lots of videos on how to do this on the internet and there’s also this fun song that we watched in school Bing Videos Dip and Flip Jacket Trick Song.

Many thanks,

Mrs Adams