Forest School Projects

Good Morning  As you may be aware we are developing our Forest School areas to make it more Wildlife Friendly as well as a place we can learn about nature and how we can look after and protect it for future generations. After the half term break we will be getting involved in the RSPB Wild challenge, which gives us lots of idea’s how we can create spaces for wildlife in our own School. This is where we need your help if possible, please. If you have any rocks/bricks or slate lying around your garden that you do not use one of our challenges is to create a stone pile. Also any logs you have spare to make a log pile. Any seeds especially wild seeds you have and are not using would be great for our wildflower bank, and lastly you have been so generous with your wool donations and the children have done so many activities with them. If I can ask again if you have any left over wool does not matter how small, this would help with our ongoing craft activities. Thank you in advance for your help in these matters. Miss E Bentley (Forest School Leader)