News: Bikes and Scooters

Annwyl Pawb,
It has been brought to my attention that we have a number of younger children riding bikes and scooters around the playground during drop off and collection times. 
Whilst it is lovely that the children want to develop their cycling skills and of course benefit from the exercise, they do pose a risk to other children and adults if they are left to ride around unsupervised in busy areas. 
Therefore, I am asking parents to please be vigilant, watch your children carefully and ensure they are riding safely, avoiding busy areas. I really don’t want to be in the situation where I have to stop the children riding bikes and scooters on the playgrounds, however, if the situation is unsafe then I will be forced to. 
Please work with us to ensure everyone is safe and accidents are avoided!
I would also ask those children who cycle to school, to please park their bikes sensibly in the bike shed and remember to dismount at the school gates. 
I am aware that the bike shed is getting quite busy and am looking at alternative ‘parking’ options! 
Please remember that when cycling, children should always wear a helmet.  

Mrs Billington Headteacher