News: Free School Meals

Annwyl Pawb, 
Please see the following message from Catering Services Wrexham: 

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to see that many of you have been taking advantage of Universal Primary Free School meals, now that it has been rolled out to all primary school children in Wrexham.

Now your child has been back in school for a few weeks, we wanted to let you know that you are able to book your child’s meal three weeks in advance and we hope this makes easier for you. 

To avoid disappointment, here are a couple of changes that you need to remember:

· orders need to be placed by 8am

· the list of children who have ordered a school meal cannot be updated after 8am so if you haven’t ordered a meal, your child will need to bring a packed lunch

**Reduce waste and save money**

We kindly ask that if you have ordered a meal for your child and change your mind, please cancel the order before 8am on the day.

The number of meals that are prepared each day is based on the number of orders received, so if you order a meal, but give your child a packed lunch, food will go to waste.

If you cancel the meal before 8am we can avoid wasting food and money.

**Is your child going on a school trip?**

Demand for packed lunches increases greatly when school trips are planned, and cooks need sufficient notice to order in the necessary items.

If your child is due to be on a school trip, please book the sandwich option on ParentPay as far in advance as possible if you would like a packed lunch to be prepared for your child’s school trip.

We ask for these bookings a week in advance, where possible, to ensure the correct levels of sandwich fillings, fruit and drinks are available.