News: Head Lice

Annwyl Pawb,
Just recently we’ve had numerous cases of Head Lice in classes across the school. Please, please, please CHECK YOUR CHILD’s HAIR regularly and if head Lice are found, follow the guidance from NHS to treat cases appropriately.
Head Lice or nits are very common in children. They do not have anything to do with having ‘dirty’ hair and are picked up by head to head contact. 
Head Lice can make your head feel itchy and like something is moving in your hair. 
The only way to be sure someone has head lice is by finding live lice. You can do this by combing your child’s hair with a special fine toothed comb. If you don’t have a comb, please contact school as we may be able to help. 
At school we do NOT check the children’s hair for lice. However, if staff notice live lice, we will contact parents and ask them to treat the hair as soon as possible in a bid to minimise the spread. This is done in a very sensitive manner. 
Information on how to treat head lice can be found at Alternatively please contact school and we will put you touch with health professionals who may be able to support you.
Head Lice cause problems in all schools but by working together and treating children’s hair effectively we can minimise the spread.
Mrs Billington

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