News: Lockdown Drill

Morning Everyone, Just to share that we had a “Lockdown” drill this morning at school. Similar to the Fire Drill when everyone leaves the building, during the Lockdown drill everyone has to stay in the building. Staff and children stay in their class with the doors locked and lights out.  We made light of the situation for the children by telling them that “Mrs Billington wanted to play hide and seek!”  All classes did a super job and I passed all the rooms thinking that they were empty. No child was upset or scared, staff did an amazing job of reassuring them and it was very much considered a game (so much so that Ruby class will tell you that they won!!)  It is such a shame that we have to have such drills, however, unfortunately this is the world we live in. We will have another drill next half term, as we’re still working out some issues and will keep parents/carers informed when we do.  In the meantime, rest assured that we are striving to keep everyone safe here at Park C.P. Best wishes, Mrs Billington Headteacher PS we – didn’t go under the tables, but it was the best picture I could find!!!!!!!