News: Medications and Messages!

Medications in school 

Just a quick reminder to parents that before sending any medications, including inhalers, into school, a Medical Form must be completed. These are available in our Main Reception (and for ease of access will also shortly be on our website under About Us, Forms).

Medications accompanied by the completed form, should be handed to staff and not just sent into school in your child’s bag or within their drinks bottle.

It is helpful when parents email school (either [email protected] or directly to class teachers) to inform us that medication is being sent into school. This is especially important if your child is being dropped off by someone else or attending Breakfast Club.


Please note the most effective way of ensuring class teachers receive messages is to email them directly.

We appreciate that many children attend Breakfast Club, however, important messages regarding medication or issues arising at home, should not be given verbally to the club staff. It is very difficult for Breakfast Club staff to pass on verbal messages to teachers.

Parents can ensure teachers receive messages by:

  • Emailing class teachers directly
  • Emailing [email protected]
  • Telephoning school
  • Handing written notes to staff

Class teacher emails are all included on the website/app under Class Information  Of course, there will be times when verbal messages will be appropriate, for example, if your child fell over on the way into school etc. In these circumstances we will always ensure common sense prevails!  We appreciate your support in this matter.


Mrs Billington Pennaeth