News: Sports Days

Just a reminder that our Sports Days are coming up at the end of May (see our Upcoming Events Page).  Monday 20th  May – Morning Nursery & All Reception (Parents at 10am)  Monday 20th May – Afternoon Nursery & All Reception (Parents at 2pm) Tuesday 21st  May – Years 1 & 2 Wednesday 22nd May – Years 3 & 4 Thursday 23rd  May – Years 5 & 6 Parents are welcome to attend at 2pm (gates open at 1.45pm from both sides) – bring your own chairs! Please keep your fingers crossed for dry weather (but not too hot!)   Children should wear their normal school uniform (as joggers/shorts are ideal for sports) with water bottles and sun hats.  Time permitting, we will have a Parents Race – (this will be at your own risk) – I’d encourage everyone to start their training now!!  Thank you for you continued support, let’s hope the events are as successful as last year!  Mrs Billington Pennaeth