News: Suncream

Afternoon Everyone,  We’re loving this warm weather – we hope you are too! In previous years, we’ve had suncream in school and asked parents/carers to let us know if they don’t want us to use it with their children. Unfortunately, we can no longer ‘assume consent’ – parents/carers have to be provided with detailed information to make an informed decision and then provide written permission.  We’re drafting a letter, which will (hopefully) go out on Monday. Please return the consent form to school once you’ve made a decision. I realise this may be an inconvenience, and it does add to our workload, however, we’d rather do this and continue to use the suncream, rather than prevent the children from enjoying this warmer weather.  Many thanks everyone – fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining over the weekend! Best wishes, Mrs Billington Headteacher