News: Parking & Smoking

Dear Parents/Carers,
Once again, school has received information from concerned citizens regarding the parking at drop off and collection times. I cannot stress enough how important it is that people park considerately, responsibly and legally on the roads surrounding school. 
These matters have been shared with the police, Community Council and where necessary Children’s Services. 
Parking irresponsibly puts children and adults in danger. There is a car park for parents/carers to use located on School Road. I understand that this may mean parents/carers have to walk a bit further, however, there are health benefits to this, and we are fortunate to have the luxury of a parent car park. 
Parents/Carers must NOT use the staff car park – this is for authorised vehicles only. 
In addition, it has been noted that a number of parents/carers are congregating around the entrance to school on the staff car park side and smoking/vaping. Whilst I realise that this is beyond school boundaries, I would ask that you be considerate to other parents and children arriving at the gate and not smoke/vape in this area. 
Thank you for your co-operation in this matter. 
Mrs Billington Headteacher